McKearn Fellowship Program 2015-2016


This year, I have continued my research on the Pumped-Heat Electricity Storage (PHES) with the support of the Research Rookies Program. As a peer mentor in the program, I have had the privilege of mentoring first-year research rookies Ryan, Nickie, and Fahad in their journey through undergraduate research. It has been fun watching them grow through the program and helping them see the importance of research.

In terms of progress, I have finally completed a working model of the PHES with an analysis already conducted on its round-trip efficiency. Unfortunately, the analysis showed about a 67% efficiency rating which is actually what most articles have found in the small amount of research that has been done on it already. Currently, I am debating whether to continue on with this project to try and find a way to increase the efficiency rating or to transfer over to a different lab working under a different faculty mentor. For now, I will try out the different projects in the new lab, and if I don’t seem to be interested in them, I will stick with the PHES project.


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