Research Rookies 2015-2016

Mid-Semester Progress

With half a semester just about done, I am continuing to make progress on my research. There has been a very slow start to the whole process due mostly in part by having to balance research with classes and other activities. Originally, I had been conducting my research on a Pumped-Heat Electricity Storage (PHES) over the summer. Having to transition from 40+ hours a week of dedicated time towards the project to about 5-10 hours a week has really taken its toll. To top it off, we are currently experiencing difficulty in lack of knowledge on further thermodynamic concepts designed to make our system more realistic. Unfortunately, both Dr. Zinger and I have been trying to find a way to solve this problem, but so far we have made very little progress from the summer. To address this issue, we hope to bring back Dr. Kevin B. Martin to help shed some light on a few problems we’ve been having.

Apart from research, being a peer mentor has been both exciting and busy at the same time. It has been wonderful having all of my mentees join the NIU Robotic Club and getting more involved with activities in their majors. I am learning a lot about leadership, organization, and management through guiding my mentees on their paths to success. I hope to see them grow a lot during their time with Research Rookies. I believe that they will go out to do great things.


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