Research Rookies 2015-2016

Research Rookie Once Again

With one year gone, another one arrives in its place. As a second-year student in the Research Rookies Program, the research process came a lot smoother than it did last year. Coming in from the summer where I had done research with Dr. Donald Zinger and Dr. Kevin Martin on energy storage systems (specifically the pumped-heat electricity storage system (PHES)), I decided to continue this project for this upcoming year. With this continuation, I have had to make a few changes to my proposal focusing in on the analysis aspect of my project while enhancing the original model I designed over the summer. Of course, with a new year comes new challenges. Unfortunately although it is nice to see Dr. Zinger be given the opportunity to become the Interim Chair for the Department of Electrical Engineering, it also means that he has even less time to devote to helping me with this project. Therefore, there will be a lot of individual learning and work on my part. I hope to address the challenge by depending more upon Dr. Martin to provide the thermodynamics knowledge.

At this point in time, my research is at a good place to continue where I left off. Right now I plan on revising my model to include more realistic values and physics to more accurately simulate what would happen in real life. From my meetings with Dr. Zinger, I know that I need to find a way to incorporate system pressure with temperature change, mass flow rate, and work energy. These characteristics will serve to help me find the overall round-trip efficiency of the system allowing me to compare it with other types of energy storage systems.

I think the research process will be pretty straightforward this year giving me time to mentor the first-year research rookies under my wing. I find it enjoyable to guide them towards success using the experiences I have accumulated over the course of last year. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a lot of progress done on my research on energy storage systems.

Here’s to another year!


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