Research Rookies 2014-2015

One month to go

I can’t believe it’s almost time to wrap up my research project in about a month and present it to tons of people at Undergraduate Research & Artistry Day (URAD). Time really does fly. Of course, this also means that I’m going to have to speed up my research a bit and spend more time on it. Understandably, my research has been a little bit ambitious trying to accomplish what would take upperclassmen and even graduate students more than a year to complete. So my plans have changed a bit from the development of the vision system to map out a room and detect a certain object in that room. Now, I am focusing on the learning aspect of my research with design methodologies that can be applied towards digital design with FPGAs and future projects. The learning that I’m doing now will definitely be applicable towards the development of modern electronic devices with computer architecture. In preparation for my presentation at URAD, I plan to wrap up some of the topics I’ve been learning and start compiling summaries of the basics of digital design, learning and design methodologies, what FPGAs are, and how Hardware Design Language differs from Software Languages. Of course, the topics I’ve learned are not even close to the immense size of knowledge contained in the world of digital design, but I think what I plan to showcase will definitely help spark an interest in my field of study.

The reception at President Baker and Dr. Stover’s home on March 2nd was phenomenal. I would never have imagined I would have the honor to share my research experience with two people who made research as an undergraduate at NIU possible. Reflecting back on my experience as a Research Rookie, I believe the program has helped me to develop both as a student through success in academics as well as professionally through the practicing and creating of elevator speeches and basic etiquette training in a professional setting. With these credentials and skills, I am one step closer towards my goals of getting into graduate school for engineering and eventually moving forward into industry. Research Rookies has definitely been a big part of giving me that hands on experience with a professional in my field of study which will support my journey to solve real world problems.

Since coming to NIU, there’s just been a huge amount of opportunities and awesome people on campus. One reason I love NIU is that it is very easy to find opportunities that will enhance your college experience and move you forward to become successful in your future career. I was happy to see that NIU had a robotics organization in which I was excited to join due to my experience in FIRST Robotics during my high school years. Even things I never thought I would get involved with like Research Rookies has definitely had a big impact in making me a stronger leader and successful student. I would never have realized the importance of having an undergraduate research experience had I not gotten involved in the Research Rookies Program. NIU is one of the few colleges that even give undergraduates research opportunities. My advice is to get involved with anything that interests you while also looking out for potential opportunities to support your journey to success in college and beyond. That is why I ❤ NIU.


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