Research Rookies 2014-2015

Research Proposal and Project Progress

Now that its been over half a semester, I’m starting to get a better sense of how I’m going to accomplish my project and why I’m doing it. I recently finished writing a draft of my proposal which I worked on with Dr. Hashemian. It was definitely a wonderful experience having to do library research on my topic to learn about its history and concepts that evolved from it. Since I don’t usually do this kind of research, that part was probably the hardest section to write out of everything else. I had previously thought of all the details this project will have in my head, but writing it all down in the form of the proposal really helped to solidify and reinforce some of those thoughts. Dr. Hashemian did look over my proposal and said it was fine information wise. He did give me pointers on how engineers like to see information through graphs and visuals. So, I applied this concept to my proposal timeline, and instead of using a list of dates and tasks to accomplish, I created an excel spreadsheet with tasks to be completed as well as weeks I think I’ll need to complete a specific task. I’m thankful that Dr. Reza has been able to guide me throughout this process and teaching me that the research he’s helping me through is supposed to be a learning process and not a rush to get a working product. Time and time again I tend to forget that this research is all for me to learn rather than produce. Now that I have the focus corrected in my mind, I feel excited more than ever to start with the project.

In terms of project progress, Dr. Hashemian and I recently met on Tuesday, October 28th, 2014 to discuss the project flow since the digital board has finally arrived. To start with, I will be working on example code from the textbook he uses for class and attempting to simulate them on Vivado Webpack IDE using the Verilog Hardware Design Language. From there Dr. Hashemian will have me try to apply the code to the board. This process of example code, simulation, and application will be the basis for the topics that he will take me through in order to accomplish the robotics vision system project. Some of these topics include image processing and memory creation/storage.

As always, I can’t thank the Research Rookies Program enough for graciously giving me the opportunity to have an undergraduate research experience at such an early stage of my college life. I would never have been able to imagine the tremendous opportunities that are available upon diving into the world of research. I’m also thankful to Dr. Hashemian for his hard work and dedication to helping me learn about research and taking me through the process of designing and completing a research project. He is definitely one of the many professors here who strives his very best for student achievement and success. With all this in mind, I can’t wait to see the many more amazing experiences that are to come through this project.


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