Research Rookies 2014-2015

Research Mentor Found

After what seems to have been an eternity, but in reality was just a month, I have finally found a professor that is willing to work with me and that I’m willing to work with. Dr. Reza Hashemian is doing some interesting research on Digital Design with FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays), and I’m super excited to be diving into this research as well.

As of now, I have yet to obtain the Nexys 4 board and the Verilog programming book that I’ll need to conduct this research, but Dr. Hashemian and I have come up with a project that’s suitable for my continuing growth and is very applicable to my future career. The project will be to build a robot that can map out a room and detect a single object within that room and calculating the distance from it to the object. I feel that this is a very interesting project for me to try and do because it requires me to try and learn more about how human vision works in order for me to apply it to a robot. I definitely can’t wait to start learning the Verilog programming language and how to use the Nexys 4 board properly.

Currently, my proposal writing is going smoothly. Dr. Hashemian has offered to walk me through the proposal writing process and critique my drafts. What I do know is that I’ll have to do a lot of library research in order to find out the current knowledge on my topic as well as how far it’s developed over the years. I hope to have the proposal completed by the end of the month.


One thought on “Research Mentor Found

  1. Megan Geyer says:

    So exciting Jayson! Library research was always one of my favorite parts of the research process because I love reading and used to work in libraries. If you have any questions as you begin your lit search, let me know. I’m in Altgeld 100 and my email is


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